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With Integrity Wealth Management focuses on retirement income planning. If you are approaching or in retirement and want to find ways that may preserve your capital while giving you a consistent income stream, we can craft a plan for you. We have helped countless couples, widows, and those who are newly single. Let us help you preserve your wealth and use your assets to make the most efficient income.

We’re the local team on the Village Green in The Pinehills. We live locally, work locally, and are involved locally. You will see us at the Market, on the baseball fields, at the Priscilla Beach Theater, at Boy Scouts events, on mountain bike trails, or in church—and we welcome you to say hello. You can always stop in the office for a cup of coffee, too.

With Integrity Wealth Management takes pride in our community and has made a donation to Art in America's Hometown

Congratulations to all the donors as they hit their goal! 

We are excited to propose an opportunity to continue stimulating interest in our arts, culture, and history of Plymouth. Public spaces will be enhanced with new creative art along the beautiful harbor/waterfront and downtown Plymouth. Specifically, murals and decorative furniture will be produced by our own local artists and students to create visually attractive public spaces that embrace our hometown.

The Project

This initiative is an expansion of our public art project unveiled last summer. We heard your incredible feedback loud and clear and want to expand upon the success of these locally made, locally inspired practical pieces of artwork spread throughout the town. These individual components listed below will also serve as “breadcrumbs” connecting the historic Plymouth waterfront to the economic centers of Plymouth to entice residents and visitors alike to explore beyond just the traditional areas of Plymouth.  

Please take a look!